Logic Apps Management and Tooling | Azure Friday

Kevin Lam joins Scott Hanselman to show him the powerful management and tooling capabilities that help you develop and debug logic apps using the Azure Portal, and also from within Visual Studio using a Logic App ARM template.


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Getting Started with CSS Animations

CSS animations allow you to create animations that go beyond simple property changes. Similar to popular animation tools, you can use keyframes to create more complex visuals. Watch the video to learn the basics of CSS animations and then learn more at http://aka.ms/CSSAnimations


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Skype for Business on Mac CU1 Released!

Mac users have been waiting a long time for this… There is a Skype for Business Mac Client ! And now Microsoft release the CU1, including more features, improvements and bug fixes.

CU1, Iincludes new Features: 

  • Group management is available for O365 and SfB Server 2016 users (this functionality is not available for Lync Server 2013 users). Users can now:
    • Add/create new contact group
    • Delete a contact group
    • Rename a contact group
  • Users can tag contacts for status change alerts.
  • Ability to add Enterprise Distribution Groups to contacts list





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Updates for Excel Services and BI in SharePoint 2016 on-premises

If your organization enables Excel Services for SharePoint to enable BI, we have some updates on what has changed with SharePoint Server 2016 BI. Updates include architecture changes to the SharePoint-based on-premises Microsoft BI Stack and how you can benefit from upgrading your BI farms to SharePoint Server 2016, SQL 2016 and Office Online Server with Excel Online .

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Microsoft .NET in Visual Studio 2017

Some of the new productivity features:

What’s New?

Donwload Visual Studio 2017 RC

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What’s New In Visual Studio 2017 RC and Introduction To Vcpkg | C9::GoingNative

This episode of GoingNative comes to you in two parts: First, Steve chats with Augustin Popa about the latest and greatest features in Visual Studio 2017 RC. Please try it out and let us know how you like it! For deeper dives on specific features, feel free to watch the Connect(); videos , or read about it on the Visual C++ Blog .

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